Hello! I am so excited to be making my first official post on this blog. I cannot wait to add stories of my amazing experiences as I travel on this amazing journey.

I have to tell you, life has not slowed down one bit since I left Texas for the festival back in August! I arrived home to a warm welcome from my family and friends and hit the ground running! School started back the Monday after arriving home so preparations were in full swing by the time I joined in. The quick transition left little time to really comprehend what had actually happened in Tralee!

However, now with the school year in full swing I have had the opportunity to reflect on the amazing opportunity! I find myself replaying moments of the festival in my mind during odd times through out the day. It’s amazing how many inside jokes, hilarious stories, and ridiculous situations we experienced in just a few short weeks together.

Thankfully some of us will be reunited in just a week’s time! I am heading back to Dublin a week from Friday to attend a ball being sponsored by The Friends of A foundation. I am so excited to get back to Ireland and be able to see so many great people!

Following the ball I will be occupied with wedding festivities as my sister is getting married at the end of October! Shortly after that, the beginning of November, I will once again be reunited with my fellow roses. A group of North American Roses are making a weekend trip to Dallas to embrace their inner Texans! It is bound to be a great time including a birthday celebration for a certain Southern California Rose.

Now that the dust, or should I say glitter, has settled I am fully ready to represent The Rose of Tralee Festival as the 2013 International Rose of Tralee! I can’t wait for the good times to begin and I hope you’ll follow with me as I try to share an indescribable year of my life!