Belarus – Chernobyl Children’s International Fund


Just over two weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Belarus with my rose sisters on behalf of Adi Roche’s Chernobyl Children’s International Fund. It is hard to put this trip into words. All of us on the trip experienced a full range of emotions. There was so much joy in the smiles and laughs of the children yet we couldn’t ignore the reality of their lives. A group of the children put on a talent show for us and all I could think of was how normal these children were. The culture and intolerance these children are raised in is so incredibly limiting. Seeing how Adi has changed these children’s lives is so eye opening yet their future is still so bleak. When the children reach the age of 18 they are sent to a semiprison where there are no talent shows, no visitors to shower them with hugs, and no way out.
I think all of us on the trip left with a renewed commitment to not forget these children and to continue to fight for their futures. The Vesnova children’s mental asylum is what it is because of the kind and generous donations of the Irish community.