Back in Action

gaelic practice

Fionn Maccumhaill of Dallas is back in action as of last Wednesday! Yesterday was my first practice back since before the Rose of Tralee so it felt great to put on some boots and kick around the ball.
We are currently in our pre pre season, just trying to work on our overall fitness. I believe it is safe to say the bootcamp we did last night was definitely effective judging by my soreness level today!
Texas is starting the football season a bit earlier this year in hopes of wrapping things up before it gets too hot. Spring is a great time to be out on the field but by the time May and June roll around it gets a bit toasty.
Training last night was a great opportunity to clear my head of seventh grade language arts! Next week is finals week so we have been in full on review prep mode the last few days. Seventh grade (13 year olds) is the first year in school that students take cumulative exams over what they learned the previous semester so I am doing my best to prepare them and alleviate any unnecessary stress. Cross your fingers everything goes smoothly!