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Rose of Tralee visits Belarus with Chernobyl Children International

Rose of Tralee Maria, Roses and Rose Escorts travelled to Belarus to care for the children at the Vesnova Orphanage. Each raised money for the trip themselves via individual donations. It is a trip that has become an important part of the Rose and Rose Escort experience, and one that many return to on a yearly basis.

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Roses & Escorts head to Belarus with Chernobyl Children International

Rose of Tralee Maria flies from Philadelphia to Minsk today to begin the trip to Belarus in Ukraine. Maria and a group of Roses and Escorts from 2014 will be visiting the Vesnova Orphanage with Adi Roche and Chernobyl Children International to help care for the children there. The trip has become an annual event for Roses and Escorts, who are required to raise their own funds for the trip.

We’ll have some photos and videos on the Blog soon. Below is a picture of 2013 Rose of Tralee Haley O’Sullivan with children on her trip last year.

Chernobyl 2014

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