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Happy Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingToday millions of people around the world celebrate the day of Thanksgiving. This day is not confided just to the fifty states in America, but is celebrated across the length and breadth of the world. Similar to the many folk who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day across our diaspora, Thanksgiving Day is an international noteworthy holiday.

What other day are we encouraged to take the opportunity to thank those in our lives. How lucky we are all to have this day to say those beautiful words. Regardless of whether you find yourself sharing a table of food with your family or friends, co-workers or new friends, or just taking a moment to say “thank you” to the local coffee shop owner as you head off on the daily grind, it doesn’t matter. What matters is this – we should express our heartfelt thank yous to those in our lives.

I am thankful for many; my family and friends. The supportive work network that I find myself in daily. And the Rose family I have recently joined. How grateful I am to have shared laughter, moments. I have been fortunate to share international trips to countries with hundreds of dedicated people over the past few months in my role as International Rose of Tralee. I am thankful for the new friends who I have sat and shared tea with as well as old friends who have picked me up from the airport after a long trip abroad. I am thankful to those who shared a car journey, a bus journey and a walk with me as I head onto a charitable event. I am thankful to many.

The next few months are set to be busy for many of us. The new year is just around the corner and new moves. How grateful I am to have you all in my life to share this journey with me and the Rose of Tralee family.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

w/love, m.

Maria’s Gift of HOPE

HOPE Ambassadors and recent Kolkata visitors, Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh and Deric Hartigan 3e Weather Presenter launched the Christmas Gifts of HOPE Appeal this week. Maria and Deric are asking people to chose a Gift of HOPE for their family, colleagues and teachers, and make a real difference to a child’s life this Christmas. Gifts of HOPE range from €5 for a pair of shoes, to a life-changing gift of €250 to sponsor a child’s education for a year. The gifts cover training, healthcare, education and support for rural families and can be purchased from the HOPE website:

Believe in HOPE this Christmas! #GiftsofHOPE 

Hope Maria & Deric








Rose of Tralee Maria says goodbye to South Africa

“Goodbye South Africa. No filter and no special crop. Just a beautiful backdrop, very messy hair and perhaps some tired eyes. But it doesn’t matter. I’m feeling on top of the world for being able to say I helped to build 2 schools with 200 people in Madiba’s homeland.”

Maria S Africa last day









#roseoftralee #MellonEducate #MandelaBlitz

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