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Back in Action

gaelic practice

Fionn Maccumhaill of Dallas is back in action as of last Wednesday! Yesterday was my first practice back since before the Rose of Tralee so it felt great to put on some boots and kick around the ball.
We are currently in our pre pre season, just trying to work on our overall fitness. I believe it is safe to say the bootcamp we did last night was definitely effective judging by my soreness level today!
Texas is starting the football season a bit earlier this year in hopes of wrapping things up before it gets too hot. Spring is a great time to be out on the field but by the time May and June roll around it gets a bit toasty.
Training last night was a great opportunity to clear my head of seventh grade language arts! Next week is finals week so we have been in full on review prep mode the last few days. Seventh grade (13 year olds) is the first year in school that students take cumulative exams over what they learned the previous semester so I am doing my best to prepare them and alleviate any unnecessary stress. Cross your fingers everything goes smoothly!

Let It Snow


I hope everyone is staying nice and warm! We’re doing our best out here in Texas but it’s been unusually cold for this early in the season. I was greeted with an early birthday present Thursday night as it was announced school on Friday was canceled. I enjoyed the evening curled up on the couch with fuzzy socks and a cozy blanket. I tried to take full advantage of the unexpected free day on Friday by getting some Christmas shopping done but very few shops were actually open. Dallas tends to shut down when there is an ice storm.
Friday night Davey and I braved the weather and took a cab down to a local seafood restaurant called Ocean Prime for dinner to celebrate my birthday. The celebrations continued Saturday night at my parent’s house. My twin brother, Sean, and I enjoyed some delicious birthday cake my mom made. My mom says it’s hard to believe her youngest children are now 26!
My mom and I decorate my parent’s house the day after Thanksgiving every year so the house felt very festive and Christmas-y Saturday night. Davey and I felt a bit inspired and decided to decorate his house Sunday afternoon. The biggest challenge was chipping off bits of ice in order to hang the Christmas lights; that was a first for me!
Between the icey weather and the Christmas decorations it’s actually starting to look a lot like Christmas. I hope you and your family are making special preparations to enjoy this special time together!


Gobble Gobble Friends!friends of a
This past Thursday was Thanksgiving here in America. It was spent with family and friends and of course lots of food. I started out the morning with a solid run in honor of Friends of A. I am so thankful to be in good health and to have been connected with such a great group of people! After the run I was more than ready to dive into the food.
Each year I am left feeling like the holidays have snuck up on me and this year is no different! Believe it or not I only have one week before my students begin preparations for final exams. I am so excited now that the holiday season is fully upon us. I can’t wait to continue the holiday baking and festive get togethers. I hope you and your family are enjoying the season!

I will be back in Ireland the end of January to visit many different counties and of course meet up with my rose family.

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