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Bere Island

uncle mick

After a fabulous night at the Radisson Blu St Helen’s my mom, dad, and I loaded up the car and started the trip down to Cork for a visit with my dad’s uncle.
After a few short hours in the car we finally arrived safely to a warm welcome at Murphy’s Ferry. Once on Bere Island my breath was taken away by the fabulous crowd that had gathered to welcome my family and me.
All of the children on the island had gathered in green cowboy hats and had prepared songs for our arrival. We were blessed with sunny skies and unseasonably warm weather. It was a spectacular afternoon.
We had a brief chance to socialize with the wonderful people who had taken time out of their day to come see us before heading off to my dad’s uncle’s house for a moment of relaxation with family. We spent the late afternoon chatting and eating delicious food before moving our party over to the Hotel for an evening of Irish dance, sing songs, drinks, and snacks.
Having the opportunity to connect with so many of the people who provided unwavering support during the festival made the evening so memorable.
The following day my parents and I visited the local school on the island before traveling to the heritage center that has been set up to display the rich history of Bere Island.
heritage center
bere island school
Our final stop of the day was a local nursing home in Castletown Bere before we once again hit the road back to Dublin!

Friends of A Ball

rose ball

Hello! Time seems to keep slipping away from me but I suppose that is because it has been packed full of so many wonderful events!
Last month I had the opportunity to travel back to Dublin as the guest of honor for the Friends of A Ball. I was overwhelmed by the out pouring of support from current and past roses and escorts. We all spent the night being transported back to the glamorous days of the rose tour! We were able to enjoy a fabulous meal with even better company and entertainment.
The night was held at the beautiful Radisson Blu St. Helen’s. The organization and effort put into this night by the Friends of A group was evident in every detail from the festive menus to the magnificently set tables to the speeches given by individuals I know were so close to Adrienne’s heart. The evening was seamless and enjoyed by all. The Friends of A have raised a total of 33,000 euros this year, completely surpassing their original expectations.
I am so lucky to have been asked to attend, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The rose family was definitely at it again! Such a fabulous night.

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